Are Canadian Maple Skateboards Any Good?

Maple wood is a premium hardwood that offers strength and durability. It is globally famous for its texture and color. However, maple wood imported from Canada is the most famous and is used for various applications.

Canadian maple is coated with aluminum oxide to provide more strength and resistance. Since skateboards are more prone to abrasions and shocks, Canadian maple wood makes an ideal construction material.

Skateboards are a popular sport across many countries. The increased demand for skateboards has opened a potential market for various manufacturers. Skateboards are available in different wooden materials; however, maple skateboards are the sturdiest. Let’s see some of their winning features.

Why Do Canadian Maple Wood Skateboards Stand Out from Other Skateboards?

The construction material dictates the ultimate performance of the skateboard. Canadian maple wood makes an ideal choice for multiple reasons.


Unlike other woods, Canadian maple skateboards are incredibly lightweight. It allows you to carry your board easily on longer trips. Moreover, it helps you gain more speed during skating.

Lighter skateboards are also easier to handle during flips. If you are more into skating stunts, then Canadian maple wood skateboards will make an ideal option.


Canadian maple wood consists of several plies, which makes the end product solid and robust. Usually, skateboards have weight limitations. However, maple skateboards offer a versatile usage range; they also resist hard landings easily. Hence, they are ideal for taller or weighty users who want to enjoy a memorable skate.

Janka Hardness rating is a measure of a skateboard’s hardness. The maximum hardness is 1450. According to the test, maple wood skateboards have a 950-hardness value.


Maple skateboards can handle a lot of wear and tear. They work suitably for beginners who scratch the boards against the road often. Moreover, they are suitable for professional use and resist scratches and breakage better than other skateboards.

Good Shape

Canadian maple wood also offers good workability. It means you can easily mold it into the desired shapes. Skateboards strongly rely on concave curves for performance and speed. Unlike other woods, maple wood allows one to attain precise angles with less manufacturing costs.


Maple skateboards are more comfortable than others. The board’s comfort plays a vital role in improving the riding experience. Hardwood skateboards are less flexible and don’t have the best shock absorption.

Unique Designs

Canadian maple wood has a smooth surface which is easy to color and design. Hence, most uniquely styled skateboards are made from maple wood.

Things To Be Conscious of When Buying Maple Skateboards

Although maple skateboards are great in feel and riding, they also have some downsides. Considering them will help you make a practical purchase.

  • Maple skateboards are relatively expensive because they are lighter and more durable than other skateboards.
  • These skateboards are not humidity-resistant. Therefore, exposing them to water or humid settings will affect their performance and endurance.
  • Maple skateboards are relatively soft hence dropping them on hard surfaces may damage the board.

The Final Verdict

Top-quality manufacturers use Canadian maple wood to make skateboards, and it is no secret why it is so. These skateboards are lightweight and provide a high-level riding experience. Moreover, they are versatile for various users, from beginners to professionals. Also, they have more precise curves, which makes them ideal for stunts and flips. Maple skateboards also have an increased lasting duration of two to three years.

Although maple skateboards are superior to other skateboards in many ways, they also have some lags. For instance, they are relatively soft and more prone to scratches and breakage. Also, they are more expensive.



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