All You Need to Know About Angel Headstones

Angel headstones are a popular option for mourners, even in today’s increasingly secular society. This is because a person need not be religious to have faith in a spiritual realm that angels guide. Angels on gravestones or in other decorations need not symbolize faith. Visions of mourning angels or ones pointing towards the ground often portend an untimely demise. For younger audiences, the portrayal of childhood by angel headstones showing innocence is particularly moving.

Types of Angel Headstones to Use

Angels in the Cemetery Pointing to Heaven

Angels at Houston, Texas’s Glenwood Cemetery, are stunning works of transparent art. They seem to be see-through. Similarly, the Bible often alludes to the relationship between angels and light. According to Luke 2:9, “the brightness of the Lord flashed round about them” when angel headstones appeared to shepherds in the fields. These angels are pointing to heaven as a reminder to anyone visiting the cemetery that their loved ones have since passed on.

Angel with Flowers at a cemetery

Glenwood Cemetery in Houston, Texas, is also home to this lovely cherub. She held flowers in her lap as she knelt in prayer. The craftsman who carved this angel cared about every little detail, from the feathery wings to the lacey collar. She seems so real; you expect her to open her mouth and babble away.

Male Cemetery Angel

Statues of male angels, particularly ones as manly as this one, are not as prevalent as their feminine counterparts. His garments are slung over his neck and shoulders in a Romanesque fashion. We cut his curly hair short on him. Oddly enough, the natural weathering has left streaks on his cheeks that give the impression that he is crying. In the Bible, a masculine angel has the greatest authority. Michael is the archangel who triumphed over the devil.

The Significance of Angel Statues

Angels are symbols of the connection between heaven and earth, as well as of power, harmony, trust, safety, and grace. Angels may reassure the grieving by assuring them that their loved ones are safe eternally.

What Each Angel Represents

If you’ve ever visited the Angel Monument, you know that there are several types of tombstones. These varying body positions may convey various messages:

  • One might show their faith in God by praying to angels by joining their hands in prayer when visiting a cemetery.
  • Two angels with their palms facing up symbolize the soul’s path to paradise.
  • Angels bowed down in grief may represent those who have died unexpectedly or tragically.
  • The angel weeps by the gravestone as a sign of respect for the dead.

How To Construct an Angel Statue

Natural materials such as marble, granite, and bronze would work well to create angel sculptures. Marble and granite are the most frequent stones used for headstones and grave markers. The marble is more delicate than the granite, and the angel carving is more precise. Angels carved from granite are neither as detailed nor as delicate as those carved from marble since granite is a tougher stone.

Here is the bronze angel statue, last but not least. Typically, some distance would be put between the gravestone and the angel figure. The gravestone and statue must be placed side by side.



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